Fine Art by Ramona Swift-Thiessen

Performance Painter! Bringing beautiful images of hope and joy for your eyes to see, and your heart to believe!

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Art work you can purchase to beautify your walls and inspire your heart!  Bring the essence of joy into the rooms you or your clients occupy!

Performance Painting


You can invite me to paint live at your special events: conventions, banquets, parties, wedding dance, open house,  church!  



Inspiring and motivating stories to encourage you to dream and achieve what might be only a murky wish currently!  What is, is not what always will be!

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Ramona is an artist who loves capturing  beauty from nature  and putting it to paint on canvas.  Her painting ideas can also come as a quick sketch on whatever napkin, church bulletin or notepaper she has handy to make sure the idea isn't lost that comes to her at a place too far from her studio to work on at the moment.  Please enjoy browsing through the store, and also checking out the calendar of events coming up!

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Swift Fox Studio

Box 111, Waldheim, SK S0K 4R0, CA

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May   25th  show  on  our  acreage,  studio,  and  outdoor ,  Waldheim,  

June 8th live  paint  @  Soar for cystic  Fibrosis  gala ,  saskatoon

june  21st  install  paintings   display  at  City  Perks,  7th  ave.  Saskatoon 

july  27  Live  Paint  at  Kennedys  Parables  market  day


Evenings in the Park

7pm - 10pm

Estuary Park

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Evenings in the Park

We invite you to listen to live bands play beautiful music in the park. Enjoy the sounds of Laureen Davis and the Kings, and enjoy wine tastings hosted by 5th Ave Wines and Spirits.

7pm - 10pm

Estuary Park